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Human Resource at Arabian Gulf Manufacturers Ltd

Here in gulfmaid we believe that our human resource is the most important asset and we appreciate their vital role in the success of the company. Our aim is to execute the core objectives of gulfmaid by creating & building a culture of excellence. We provide a learning and performance driven environment where everyone has an opportunity to develop their talents, knowledge, skills and get recognition for their effort. We also believe in equality of our staff regardless of their country of origin, gender, age and religion. We strive to find new ways of meeting challenges that's why we encourage our staff to initiate and share innovative ideas and communicate freely with co-workers and managers. Our goal is to enhance the productivity of our staff. We believe in teamwork, trust, respect for each other and taking ownership on our own actions.

In search of competitive talent, our hiring methodology is to recruit potential people who have the relevant skills, qualification and experience to make a positive contribution towards the growth of
gulfmaid®. Currently we are searching for below mentioned position(s), interested applicants may send their CV's at or click here.

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