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Gulfcolor Products

Masterbatches, Additives & Compounds.


gulfcolor® is among the fastest growing names in the field of master batches. gulfcolor® is powered by a prolonged commitment to excellence uncompromising quality and repeated consistency, complemented by total and reliable customer support.

A micro processor controlled co-rotating twin screw extruder, with a specialty kneading and mixing element that ensures absolutely uniform dispersion of colors, filler and additives within a given polymer matrix.

Since color is the very essence of master batch quality, gulfmaid technicians use data color spectrophotometer to analyze ultra fine intricacies of hues of everything from base thermoplastic resin to pigments to final product. gulfcolor® can be used in injection molding, blow molding and extrusion process.


We are making specialty additive master batches like ANTI BLOCK, SLIP ADITIVE, ANTISTATIC, PROCESSING AID AND UV STABILIZERS to facilitate the processing condition and enhance the product quality. We are also preparing different color pigments for PIPE manufacturing.


We use base polymers like LLDEPE, PP, PS, PMMA and PC.  Based on ultra-fine carbon black and rutile titanium dioxide respectively, Hi carbon black & white master batches offer high level of opacity, light fastness, tint strength and UV protection.

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